Radar Roundup: BK Love Fest, Integer Photo Bag, Rasta Rear Derailleur, To Go Box, and Daytripping Wales


Radar Roundup: BK Love Fest, Integer Photo Bag, Rasta Rear Derailleur, To Go Box, and Daytripping Wales

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

BK Love Fest

King Kog Brooklyn and Sun And Air are hosting a pop-up event for SimWorks, Ron’s Bikes, Radical Adventure Riders, and Jubilee Mfg on Mother’s Day, May 7 & 8; it’s called BK LOVE FEST.

Saturday, May 7th at Sun And Air
Serena’s mural painting
Bike Ride (Meet at Sun and Air at 6pm)

Sunday, May 8th, Pop-up at King Kog Brooklyn 11-4pm

SimWorks / Vegan Sushi by Rie

Ron’s Bikes / Arya

Radical Adventure Riders / Molly

Jubilee Mfg / Sam

Serena’s live paint at King Kog Brooklyn

Mission Workshop Integer Camera Bag is Back in Stock $585

Completely made in the USA with Mission Workshop’s lifetime warranty, the Integer is the complete camera travel bag. Available in a variety of colors, camo patterns, and back in stock now. Roll on over to Mission Workshop to see what the Integer is all about.

Ingrid Rasta Rear Derailleur €759

Inspired by the vintage Paul Component Rasta Rear Derailleur, the Ingrid Components Rasta Derailleur is designed for 11 or 12-speed shifting, for road or mountain bike, and is compatible with Campy, Shimano, or SRAM. These beautifully machined mechs are made in Italy, limited to 81 pieces, and are shipping now from Ingrid.

Take a Trip Bags: To Go Box $80 – $210

The To Go Box is a 2 part storage system designed for the Wald 137 and 139 baskets, made up of a hinged lid and a form fit liner. Constructed from 1000d Cordura and 18oz vinyl coated polyester, the same bombproof combination that has been proven in decades of courier bags. Both parts are designed to work well together or independently.

The lid keeps items contained and provides extra storage through the water-resistant zipper pocket. It’s great for small items that baskets typically struggle with, like a wallet, phone, or keys. The shock cord gives a space to bungee down items such as extra layers or a pair of shoes. The lid is given structure from a rigid plastic stiffener which allows larger items to be stacked on top without the lid deforming. The cam straps in the rear can easily raise the lid up and down to fit different-sized loads.

The Liner protects your cargo from the elements and any grit that would get kicked up from your wheels. It attaches via 6 snap hooks which also help the liner fully fill out the perimeter of your basket. It has an elastic pleated interior pocket made from 400d Recycled Bag Cloth. The off-center drain holes allow any liquids to escape while limiting what your wheel could spit up through them. The 18oz vinyl coated polyester is easy to wipe down and keep clean.

See more at Take a Trip Bags!



Daytripping Wales

Four friends, one day, one ride. For the second installment of Daytripping from Albion, the plan was simple, ride the length of Wales in a day. Check out more at Albion.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo via @Camp.And.Go.Slow

We’ve seen a lot of Crust Bikes Wombat builds but Casey from Camp and Go Slow’s might be the nicest yet. Roll on over to the CGS IG to see more photos!

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