Radar Roundup: AMANI Film, GORE MTB Jackets, Out of Saddle, and Shrike Tour


Radar Roundup: AMANI Film, GORE MTB Jackets, Out of Saddle, and Shrike Tour

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In the world of bike racing, there is one continent that’s yet to have its turn in the spotlight.
A growing community of African cyclists is ready to show their strength on an international level. If you ask any of them what is holding them back, their answer is loud and clear: it’s the lack of opportunities to race against the best.

The inaugural AMANI Migration Gravel Race, held in Kenya in June 2021, has been a game changer for some of the top cyclists in East Africa. But this is only the beginning.

Mbogi AMANI (AMANI crew) shares the growing hopes, dreams and rising opportunities of the AMANI racing team and the many other talented cyclists in East Africa who are ready to be included in the global cycling scene, with gravel being a new gateway that might just open some doors.

It’s time to change the face of cycling.

GORE Wear Lupra Jacket $180

Available for both men and women, the Lupra jacket is the latest cycling apparel to hit the GORE lineup. The Lupra is a very breathable, lightweight jacket with an over-the-helmet hood for versatile windproof protection and coverage in all conditions. It weighs only 10.9 oz. is entirely wind proof, water-resistant, and is designed to fit like a glove on your MTB or gravel bike.

See more at GORE.


Dead Presidents Shriketour

Shriketour is a freak-forward bikepacking fellowship centered around a philosophy of riding as community building.

We seek to create a shared adventure amongst riders of all genders, backgrounds, and abilities. Shriketour is about that Margaritaville pace – capping the day at 20 miles so there’s plenty of time to swim and to figure out how to get pizza delivered to the summit. It’s about helping people who have never bikepacked before feel supported and capable.

Shriketour is not a sufferfest. Instead, it’s about establishing a pace and culture of support that helps all riders feel strong, capable, and included. The Shrike summons you to bikepack with these values in mind.

This video is from our most recent Shriketour in the Santa Barbara backcountry, through Los Padres National Forest / Chumash land. We climbed, soaked in springs, ate junk food, and had a blast over 3 days / 55 miles / +7,000 feet. The Shrike is here to share!

Shea Devlin (she / they) is the creator of Shriketour. She is a filmmaker, high school video teacher, and a bikepacker. If you’d like to become a Shrike too, you can follow them on Instagram @shriketour.


Out of the Saddle with Salifu Mohammed

Out of the Saddle is a video series about the Above Category community and the dream bikes the shop builds for them. In their first episode, they feature Salifu Mohammed, a masterful painter from Ghana and icon of Marin cycling who reflects on how cycling became a way of life, his passion for art, and how his bespoke AC custom Mosaic GT-1 connects the two…


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @saltlake_lian

There were a lot of exceptional images to come out of the first Migration race and this is just one of the many Lian took while documenting the event.

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