Beat the Clock Cycling Urbocross Week 02

These days, I can never decide if I want to race, or shoot photos at events like this. Last night’s Cycleast and Beat the Clock Cycling Urbocross looked so rad. Half singletrack and half bike path sprinting seemed like a 50/50 fun to pain ratio for me. I can eat up dirt just fine but I don’t have the fitness for long, paved straight aways. On a whim, after showing up in plain clothes, I entered the race and was doing fine sitting in second until I got a pinch flat. So it goes. At least I got to take a few more photos!

This set is weird. Half of it is of a local racer’s Black Cat SSCX and the other, pre, mid and post race photos. Either way, it’s a bit of radness everyone can enjoy. Check out more in the Gallery! Many thanks to Cycleast and Beat the Clock for putting on this event. See ya next week…