Race or Ride the Cosmos with the All-City Cosmic Stallion

The Cosmic Stallion

As brands and their customers evolve, so do their products and one company where that is most true is All-City. For a company that started with fixed gears only, to move from road bikes, cross bikes, touring bikes, a mountain bike and now, a dedicated all-road racer. The Cosmic Stallion is the latest bike in the All-City catalog and it’s their best yet.

The Cosmic Stallion is made from All-City’s A.C.E. tubing, is Di2-ready, with a newly designed All-City thru-axle dropout, 44mm head tube Whisky No.9 thru-axle fork, rear rack mounts, fender mounts, an English BB shell, with clearance for massive 700x45mm tires. Sizing comes in at 46cm to 61cm as completes or framesets.

What is it For?

I’m not one to compartmentalize or categorize bicycles aside from naming the galleries where all these Beautiful Bicycles reside. I don’t like the words “adventure” or “gravel,” but what I can say is this bike is meant to ride both on and off-road with some weekend or even week-long light touring thrown in. The term “Jack of all-trades, master of none” need not apply here. The Cosmic Stallion is meant to do all the above, really, really well.

When is it Available?

Believe it or not, these are either in stock now at your local All-City dealer, or en route from the QBP warehouses, so holler at your shop and take one for a spin. Fair warning though, you might want to bring your pedals with you, because you’ll wanna ride it home!

Retail is $2,599 for a complete as shown, or $1,250 frameset.