SxSW Interactive PxP Panel: The Parlee Prius Bike

It’s SxSW time here in Austin and for the past few months, I was waiting anxiously for yesterday’s Prius Bike panel at Interactive. If you recall, I covered a project between Toyota, Parlee Cycles and Deep Local exclusively here on the blog for 11 weeks. What we produced was a concept bike for the Toyota Prius Projects. The project featured a new prototype “aero road bike” from Parlee Cycles that shifted with an EEG helmet, via a tech “mashup”. The end product was a bike that shifted with your mind.

It’s been months since I’ve seen anyone from the project and yesterday, everyone conveaned in Austin for SxSW Interactive. It was the first time I’ve ever spoken in public, in front of such a large crowd but at the end of the hour long session, everyone seemed to be in high spirits about the panel. Perhaps some of you made it out?

Check out some more photos below and thanks to Parlee, Deep Local, Toyota Prius Projects and Saatchi LA for the opportunity to work on this project!