Puma: Cycling to Mars


Puma: Cycling to Mars

When I first moved to NYC back in 2004, I remember hearing about a Puma cycling team comprised entirely of bicycle messengers. There was also that Puma Guide to Cycling in the City zine that was floating around. Bottom line is this, Puma, in one way or another, has been dialed into the urban cycling in NYC for some time now, even if they weren’t constantly in the limelight.

Enter the “Cycling to Mars” cycling sneakers. The shoes have a stiff sole and outsole, reflective accents and hideaway laces. They colorway chosen for the initial pair is a bit odd, but I’m sure people will still pull it off. If they were monochromatic or more subtle, I’d try them out. It’s always interesting to see larger companies takes on cycling sneakers. So far, Nike’s City Tiempo has my vote!

The Puma “Cycling to Mars” sneakers are now available at select stockists. Anyone know the retail?

Via Hypebeast