Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Fixed Freestyle Videos of 2011


Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Fixed Freestyle Videos of 2011


Last year, my top 10 fixed freestyle video list caused quite the stir. Somehow, something that’s supposed to be a fun observation turned into a pissing contest. People emailed, Tweeted and even brought it up in real life that their video should have been ranked higher. Now, with the Facebook “Like” and Tweet buttons being used so frequently, I’ve resolved those issues. Some will say that Prolly is Not Probably is already biased, so I should put my opinion out there and what I will say to that is this list has all my favorite videos of the year, in more or less the same ranking I would have put them in anyway.

Now, enough with the neck-saving intro, here’s the Prolly is Not Probably Top 10 Fixed Freestyle Videos of 2011!

10 The Grime World Tour 2010

The Grime family has been around the world this year and yet, their tour video from 2010 was circulated the most. Needless to say, these rippers from the East Coast teamed up with Sadio from Thailand and created a global network of rippers.

09 Wrahw: Torey Thornton Welcome to BreakBrake 17

Torey has always been a figure in fixed freestyle. From the rural parking lots of Macon, Georgia to New York City and Brooklyn, Torey’s weirdly-creative style spills out into the streets in this intro edit for Breakbrake 17. This was one of my favorites from this year.

08 Matt Reyes Rips for Sadio

Matt “Slumworm” Reyes is one of the few who really flows with a fixed wheel bike. This edit totally blew my mind when it dropped and it really utilized the fixed drivetrain to enhance the riding, not hinder it.

07 Sadio: Dew Welcome Edit

You can see a trend here right? Sadio is dominating the top 10 and Dew’s edits this year blasted out of the gates. Here’s his welcome edit to the Sadio team, aka nollie bar.

06 Wolf Drawn: Congo Bike Check

A little personality goes a long way. Long Beach is a bastian of creativity and quirkiness in the FGFS community and Congo’s bike check made it off the pages at Wolfdrawn onto just about every blog this year.

05 Matt Spencer for Leader Bike USA

Wolfdrawn gave back to the FGFS community in the form of web edits and video mixtapes like KVLT Clips but Matt’s welcome to Leader video was by far my favorite.

04 WRAHW Welcomes Oscar Khan

Gah. What can I say about Oscar other than I feel like he’s been on his humble hustle all year? His visit to the states provided Wrahw with more than enough opportunities to make a killer web video. Just see so for yourself.

03 Tyler Johnson for SKYLMT

Fixed freestyle’s pretty boy from Seattle made quite the splash last week with his intro to SKYLMT. Long nose mannies, wheelie to 180 bar and big gaps placed this hammer fest into the top of the list with ease, as per Tyler’s style.

02 Steven Jensen for SKYLMT

Steven Jensen is the most unique rider in FGFS and while many will argue that his moves are strictly BMX, I don’t think Steven, or his fans give a shit. The dude knows how to use his pedal stroke to set up his lines and tech is his middle name.

01 Skitch Presents Tom LaMarche for Specialized

If there was one video that represented fixed freestyle in 2011, it was Tom LaMarche’s video for Specialized. Filmed by Tom Briggs, over a few weeks in Canada, this eerie look into the riding of one Delco-native had the internet buzzing. As one of the first to push fixed freestyle, it’s great to see Tom shine.

Well, there you have it. I think that’s a great cross-section of videos from the year and remember, if you don’t like the ranking, VOTE for your or your friend’s videos more! To all the RIPPERS out there, keep pushing the sport!