Prolly is not Probably Contest: Viking Hold Fast FRS


Prolly is not Probably Contest: Viking Hold Fast FRS


When Jeremiah and I were breaking toe clips constantly last year, we decided it was time for a change. I remember when he came to ride one day with a new strap system. He handed me one, I tried it out and was blown away at how such a simple design changed our riding. Multiple prototypes later and Hold Fast was born. Fast forward to the present. Multiple companies have tried to make a similar design but I’ll only ride Hold Fast.

That’s the loyalty Jeremiah and Rob dig and to show their appreciation, they made me three pairs of Viking FRS. Because I love you guys, I’m giving them away to my readers. In the form of a contest.

Read on to see how you can win below.

See this? The gray-bearded Viking logo at the top right of the blog? It’s 300×250 and in need of a revamp. In an effort to keep the site fresh, I want to get all the creative readers involved. You’ve got that space to design whatever you want, as long as it relates to the blog and of course, the Viking logo.

The top three designs will be circulated for the next few months with a link to your portfolio site! You’ll also receive a set of the Viking FRS and a stack of stickers. Depending on how many people enter, I’ll probably run this for a week or so.

You can submit a GIF, JPG, Photo collage, anything. Just has to be digital. Feel free to embed your design in the comments (at 300×250) or email it to me. Either way, in a week or so, I’ll put the winners up! Break out your design skills and PILLAGE!