Product Review: The 2011 Giro Atmos Road Helmet


Product Review: The 2011 Giro Atmos Road Helmet


While my more recent experience with Giro helmets was centered around the Ionos, I am more than impressed with the revisions made to the 2011 Giro Atmos. Years ago when I finally made the leap from +/- $50 helmets to the Atmos pricepoint (which varies), I actually enjoyed wearing my helmet. It was lighter, less bulky and incredibly stylish. Three years ago, I bought the Ionos and all of the above were improved upon even more. Now in 2011, Giro has redesigned their Atmos into a stylish and even better fitting helmet.

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With the 2010 models still sporting the sliding ratchet system, the 2011 Atmos has a completely redesigned cradle. Combined with their standard Wind Tunnel™ ventilation system and sleek silhouette, It’s more comfortable, easier to adjust and dare I say, stylish?


The new system is called Roc Loc 5 and it’s a cinch to use. Simply turn the ratcheting wheel clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen.


This makes it easy to adjust the fit.


Something we’ve seen Giro do in recent months is go over-the-top with the graphics on their helmets. While they still offer the simple colourways (how’s that Ritte?), they also offer this color-halftone printed graphic in matte black.


It’s something else!


If the MSRP of $180 is too much for your wallet, Giro offers a full range of helmets with pricing varying from $80 up to $250. Even the $125 Saros utilizes the Roc Loc 5. Head to your LBS and try one on!