Product Review: Sadio Hot Bars


Product Review: Sadio Hot Bars


You’d think that there would be a ton of options for a tall, 4130 riser without a cross bar but there’s not. When Krillz sent me these Sadio Hot Bars back in February, I thought for sure I’d bend them. They were so elegant and thin and at a whopping 3.6″ rise, they looked like they were going to be prone to bending. After riding them for over two months, I can report that these have held up with stellar results.

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As you can see, they’re just as straight as the day I got them. These 27″ wide bars are uncut and with a proprietary sweep, they offer a more BMX bar feel to them. Other bars I’ve seen have a great deal of back sweep and these feel just right.


In case you need the lines drawn, you can see (minus some slight camera / bike angle difference) that they’re bend-free. Not bad!

While Grime is currently sold out of the bars, you can probably still order them from Sadio via one of their distributors.