Prestine Fixed Gear Gallery Event


Prestine Fixed Gear Gallery Event

Before you say it, no, the XXX does not refer to XXX-rated. In Amserdam, there are these bollards all over the city with XXX on them, referring to the coat of arms and flag of Amsterdam.

The Fixed Fixed Fixed opening event was last Saturday in Amsterdam at the Prestine Fixed Gear Shop. The show features work from the artist Jasper Faber of U-Turn / 180 Amsterdam. I’m not sure how long it will be open for, but if you’re in the Netherlands, be sure to head over to Prestine and check out their new store!

Grand opening PRISTINE FIXED GEAR AMSTERDAM!!! from cavin on Vimeo.

There’s a full recap of the event up on the Prestine website. I know it’s getting cold in Holland, so big ups to these guys for weathering the weather so to speak.