Portland Design Works Supports the ACLU


Portland Design Works Supports the ACLU

This just in from PDW:

“Between February 7-14th, we’re donating 100% of our sales of the ACLU.

The bicycle is a simple tool – a couple of circles and triangles that enable self-propulsion. But those of us that ride them know that they’re more powerful than their design suggests. We know that the bicycle can power revolutions – those in our legs, in our hearts and minds and in our communities. We’ve witnessed their positive impact in the past and are hopeful for the change they will bring to our future. Bicycles are machines of freedom.

The American Civil Liberties Union is also a machine of freedom, a non-partisan organization that works to protect and defend the rights and liberties which have been guaranteed to us in our country’s Constitution. In support of the important work the ACLU is doing we’re donating 100% of our sales to the ACLU for the next week – Tuesday, February 7th thru Tuesday, February 14th.

Want to help? That’s easy – over the next week, shop for something for your machine of freedom and we’ll donate your purchase to the ACLU machine of freedom. It’ll be a beautiful cycle of support! Or, you can choose to donate directly to the ACLU Foundation. “