Porcelain Rocket’s Mr. Fusion Mini is Ready to Ship


Porcelain Rocket’s Mr. Fusion Mini is Ready to Ship

One common theme you’ll see on traveling bikes ridden by contributors to the site is Porcelain Rocket‘s Mr. Fusion seat pack, and there’s a reason for that. With its 4130 chromoly mini-rack made by Hunter Cycles in Santa Cruz and a removable RF-welded dry bag, Mr. Fusion is the most solid bikepacking seat pack on the market, with literally zero lateral swing, and also the easiest to pack, since you stuff the bag off the bike.

New to the Porcelain Rocket lineup is Mr. Fusion Mini, a smaller version of the same bombproof design we love so much. Mr. Fusion Mini takes up less space between your saddle and rear wheel, has a smaller capacity of 4–9L, and retains all the features of the big Mr. Fusion including the 2:1 Trucker Hitch side straps and Double Back seat post attachment introduced in the most recent update.

Mr. Fusion Mini is in stock and ready to ship at Porcelain Rocket.