Pope John Paul II Receiving the Campy 50th Group


Pope John Paul II Receiving the Campy 50th Group

Speaking of the Mix Meat blog. They’ve got some classics in there, like this one of Pope John Paul II accepting the Campagnolo 50th Anniversary group number 002; group number 001 is in the Campagnolo factory. (I had this image in a bike dump folder on my computer, so I uploaded my version instead of theirs, which is higher resolution) For the article from the Campagnolo Record news, check below.

No idea where I pulled these from originally, but I’ve had them on my computer for a few years. The Pope put his group on a custom white Colnago. This is also when Cinelli designed the first Priest Bars to make his Colnago more comfortable for riding.

I had a pair of the 2nd production run on my Merckx for a little while. Cinelli eventually took the initiative to re-issue the Priests in the form of the 31.8 OS clamp Valencia bars.