Polipobag & Scarful: Prototype Bag


Polipobag & Scarful: Prototype Bag


Now that’s an innovative redesign to something we all use. Keeping ideas fresh, Polipobag teamed up with Scarful on a prototype backpack / messenger bag for the holidays:

“I made this Prototype working together with SCARFUL: This bag have 4 options: you can roll the top and get a really big case or just put down the flap and cover it all ( the bag become smaller then! ).
In the back you can work it out with 2 straps as it was a backpack, or take away one of them and wear it as a messenger or take away any straps to check it as a normal baggage in every airport ( for example).
The Bag is not for sale (yet) but will be shown for 10 hours at TEMPORARY 10 STORE the 20/12/2010″

Check out more information at Polipobag.