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2017 Philly Bike Expo: Pedalino CNC-Fillet Cross Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Pedalino CNC-Fillet Cross Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Julie Ann Pedalino spent ten years working as a fine artist, making a switch over to building bikes some time ago. From a distance, the Spray-Bike paint job pulls you in and from there, her CNC-fillet lugs (which change with every one of her creations) draw you in closer on the bike. These lugs are wild, with some details that are hand carved further.

It isn’t just a show bike, even with all of the exposed ornate lugs it will be getting raced this year Elizabeth Reinkordt as a tribute bike to her family with 3 generations of cyclists, going back to her grandmother, who was touring by bicycle in the 1940s. While on display at Philly Bike Expo, there was a storyboard with some photos of the tour. The lugs and the colors of the bike draw inspiration from the wildflowers and sunset of her home state, Nebraska.  With a mix of  SRAM Force 1, Thomson cockpit, and some polished adornments from Paul Component by way of their Set N’ Forget through axles and QR seat collar, you can bet that this bike will be around for seasons of abuse.



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Rambling with the 333fab Air Land Sea – Morgan Taylor

Rambling with the 333fab Air Land Sea
Photos and words by Morgan Taylor

Look at the surface of the 333fab Air Land Sea, and you’ll see a drop bar bike that fits bigger tires than most, amazing custom paint and graphics, and components that reflect the very best of what’s available. But dig a bit deeper and you find something that can really only be found in a custom bike, something that innovates and pushes the boundaries, something that’s truly special. The Air Land Sea draws you in. It asks you to look, not to rush, but to consider what a bike might be if there really were no rules. And, you can have one.


Nov 15, 2017 76 comments
Strava’s Tour de France Photos

Photos by Ashley Gruber

The tour might be over, but as always Strava has a collection of photos from this year’s event, many of which you might have seen and plenty you probably didn’t, so head over to check it out!

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29 Camping Bikes and Their Riders From Swift Campout Vancouver – Morgan Taylor

Photos and words by Morgan Taylor

From first time bicycle campers to experienced fully loaded singletrack riders, 30 people joined us for Swift Campout here in Vancouver. Swift Industries‘ global call to head out for a bicycle overnight on solstice weekend was a perfect opportunity for us to scope a camp spot and a route and put out an open invite.

After weeks of route planning, helping with camp setups, and hoping for good weather, the sun shone down Saturday morning and we set out en masse with spirits high. For a good number, it was their first time camping by bike, or their first time loading up without racks to ride singletrack to camp.

A quick ferry ride landed us on the Sunshine Coast just outside Vancouver and the group split up, one third to ride a challenging singletrack-heavy overland route and two thirds to ride the backroads, eat ice cream, and swim in the ocean. We converged on the camp spot in the evening and shared stories of our travels.

As expected, we met lots of great people, got to ride bikes and hang out on the roads and trails and beaches, cook and camp together, learn more about ourselves and each other. Thanks so much to the wonderful folks at Swift Industries for facilitating this global event!


Follow Morgan and Stephanie on Instagram at Found in the Mountains, and if you find yourself in Vancouver, join them for #CoffeeOutsideYVR every Friday!

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Rob English’s Trans America Race Bike

I love it when framebuilders still find the time to take on challenging rides like the TransAm:

“My interest was piqued when I heard that there was now a race on the TransAm route. I mulled it over for a while, eventually deciding it was the challenge I needed for the year I turned 40. I toured the Western Express version of the route back in 2003 – going back to ride it fast was for some reason appealing! I have a background in endurance mountain bike events, road racing and time trialing, as well as extended touring. So this kind of brings all that together.”

Check out more from Rob, including process to final photos at English Cycles.

May 25, 2017 13 comments
Cycle Chvrch Cycles in Sonoma

Our buddy Tim just opened a new bike shop in Petaluma and Field took a look inside his space:

Timothy Nicholls opened the roll up doors to his bike repair and sales shop in February 2017, contributing to the interesting new mix of businesses along Petaluma’s Second Street corridor. Cycle Chvrch Cycles has less of the feel of a typical bike shop, and feels more like an artist’s studio. Tim approaches his craft from a design perspective, refurbishing bikes with purposeful detail from carefully reconstructed mechanics to beautiful pinstriping work. He takes massive pride in his finished products and if you buy a bike from him, you can be sure he will be there to provide ongoing maintenance to your two-wheeled friend. Tim refurbishes bikes not just for sale but also donates to local organizations including COTS. You can find him most days from 11-7 in his shop, and also on social media @cyclechvrchcycles. Look for the hand painted signs (painted by Tim) on the nearby corners to show you the way.

See more at Field!

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The Käppäpyörät Radalla

Inspired by the Hack Bike Derby from the UK, the Käppäpyörät Radalla, is a klunker-only party in the woods of Finland. Filled with chop-shop bikes, various events and all around good times. Check out more photos from this event at the Konga Bicycles Flickr.

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Salsa’s Land Run 100 Coverage

“There’s something so special about pushing through a rough patch in a long ride and entering a Zen-like meditative state where you stop thinking about how many miles you have left, who is in front of you or behind you, what stresses you have going on at the office or at home, and just ride your damn bike. You realize what an incredible amount of crap we live with when it all falls away.” – Travis Dubose

Check out more coverage from the Land Run 100 at Salsa and don’t forget to flip through our gallery if you haven’t.

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