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Goat’s Crust Scapegoat: No Shoes, No Problem – Morgan Taylor

Goat’s Crust Scapegoat: No Shoes, No Problem – Morgan Taylor
Photos and words by Morgan Taylor

Goat’s personal Scapegoat just oozes character. Not because it’s carefully curated, like many of the bikes we feature here, but because it’s the result of over 40,000 miles of off-road touring. There are so many things on this bike that have that result-through-iteration quality. From the custom made no-shoe pedals to the homebuilt frame bag to the home-brewed tubeless sealant that I obviously couldn’t photograph.


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Workin’ Dirt on the Gabrielino Trail with Mount Wilson Bicycling Association

Trails need work. All the time and across the globe, there are numerous organizations that rally the troops when work needs to be done on their local singletrack. In LA, one of our organizations is the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association. Year after year, MWBA has been working alongside the Forest Service, IMBA and CORBA to re-open various trails that were closed after the Station Fire ravaged the San Gabriel Mountains in 2009. One such project is extending the Gabrielino Trail from Ken Burton to Switzer’s. If you’re an LA local, these names might sound familiar to you.

The Gabrielino follows a canyon down below Highway 2 and out to the Arroyo. This trail hugs the hillsides of the canyon walls, crosses waterfalls and snakes its way through the sandy, rocky and loose wash. Today, 30+ volunteers spent their Sunday morning workin’ dirt with MWBA. With such big crowds, it’s easy to cover a lot of ground in a single afternoon.

The Angeles National Forest is home to many exceptional trails. Once MWBA, and their volunteers, have worked to open these remaining trails back up, we’ll have even more options for big back-country loops, almost entirely made from singletrack. If you’d like to help out, follow MWBA on Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you to everyone who came to help out today!

Jan 28, 2018 8 comments
Un-Lost: Camille McMillan’s Photographs of the Transcontinental Race

Photos by Camille McMillan

Every photograph has a story and for Camille, it centers around the tale of the TCR.

“Camille McMillan has followed the riders of the Transcontinental Race with his camera for the last three editions of the race, capturing their journeys from one corner of Europe to the other.

The Transcontinental is a self-supported bikepacking race, with riders finding their own way for over 4000km. To paraphrase the race’s founder, Mike Hall, “if you get lost, you will need to get un-lost.” Camille’s photographs capture the riders as they navigate unfamiliar and vast landscapes of Europe, showing that in an age of SPOT trackers, GPS and Google Maps, there’s something to be said for being lost and finding your way again.”

Head to Un-Lost to see Camille’s prints for sale, or to an Apidura retailer to see a selection of artist proofs in person.

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The WTF Bikexplorers

Projects like this are an amazing by-product of the cycling industry’s outstanding women. Check out the WTF Bikexplorers!

WTF Bikexplorers are pleased to announce the first-ever WTF Bikexplorers Summit and Ride Series to be held in 2018, with events scheduled in Arizona, Oregon, California, Vermont, and Montana.

The Summit and Ride Series aims to support, celebrate and connect women, transgender, femme and non-binary people who also identify as gravel grinders, mountain bikers, bikepackers, day-rider explorers, long distance road riders, bicycle tourers, backpackers converting to bikepacking and individuals looking to incorporate camping with biking.


Dec 21, 2017 4 comments
The Radavist 2017 Calendar: December

This is the twelfth layout of the Radavist 2017 Calendar, entitled “Scoot Scoot” shot with a Canon 1dx and a 24-70mm lens in Saline Valley, California.

“Kicking up dust is inevitable in Death Valley, why not have a little fun doing so?”

For a high-res JPG, suitable for print and desktop wallpaper*, right click and save link as – The Radavist 2017 Calendar – December. Please, this photo is for personal use only!
(*set background to white and center for optimal coverage)

The mobile background this month is from the Inyo National Forest Click here to download December’s Mobile Wallpaper.

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Jake’s Pacific Northwest Do-All Trek 970 – Morgan Taylor

Jake’s Pacific Northwest Do-All Trek 970
Photos and words by Morgan Taylor

While we can easily find ourselves lost in things shiny and new, there’s no denying the allure of a carefully curated classic being put to good use. Jake’s Trek 970 is just one of those bikes, with a build that takes advantage of classic mountain bike practicality to create a versatile and stylish bike for days long and short.

Jake’s no stranger to well-thought-out steel bikes, already having a number of sweet builds in the quiver before his 970 came together. He leans toward time-tested components, durability over flashiness, and comfort over outright speed. The 970 is Jake’s Pacific Northwest do-all bike, with wide tires, loads of carrying capacity, and inspiration taken from its home in Seattle. (more…)

Dec 4, 2017 75 comments
Finding Something Special in Maui’s Haleakalā Crater – Morgan Taylor

Oh, what a difference a few thousand feet can make. In sharp contrast to the incredible lushness of the story we shared yesterday from our ride to Hāna, the surroundings at elevation in Haleakalā National Park are cold, stark, and windy – simply other-worldly.

As is usually the case with high elevation destinations, you really are at the mercy of the weather on Haleakalā. What was a picture-perfect Hawaiian day down at sea level and for most of the drive up the volcano took an about-face as soon as we dropped off the ridge into the Haleakalā crater. We reached for our insulated jackets and descended into the fog.

Dec 1, 2017 3 comments
Riding in a Forest of House Plants on Maui’s Road to Hāna – Morgan Taylor

Riding in a Forest of House Plants on Maui’s Road to Hāna
Photos and words by Morgan Taylor

If you’ve spent any time in tropical places, this may not come as a surprise to you – but to Stephanie and I, content and comfortable in the damp temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, riding Maui’s Road to Hāna was completely mind blowing. We didn’t go to Hawai’i for the beaches (in fact, we didn’t even swim), and we weren’t really doing it to escape the rapidly deteriorating weather conditions at home. We didn’t have expectations, just a few recommendations and an open mind – our usual way of traveling. (more…)

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