Philly Sprint Jawns January 17th


Philly Sprint Jawns January 17th


Sounds like fun with them thick jawns son. Blockley Pourhouse is holding the Philly Sprint Jawns.

If you ain’t from Philly, you can’t identify with the word Jawn. Hell, I’ve only been to Philly a handful of times and I STILL can’t identify with it. Luckily, I used to see Low Bee and Diplo play when I first moved to NYC, so I got the intro to the lingo. Jawn is an all-encompassing noun used to refer to anything. ANYTHING. If you’ve never heard Hollertronix #1 or “Never Scared”, get them. If you’ve never heard Low B’s “Crunk In Yo System” or the “Pawrty Music” mixtapes, get them. They were doing mashups with Philly and Bmore club years before anyone else was.

This party will be fun. BE THERE.