Paul Component Engineering and Sim Works Limited Edition Parts!


Paul Component Engineering and Sim Works Limited Edition Parts!

Brown is one of those colors that is very inconsistant to anodize, often times resulting in a complete scrap of the product run. Most companies won’t work with it, including PAUL, and would rather spend their valuable time making stuff that people can buy! So when our friends at SimWorks hit up PAUL to make a special edition engraved and brown-anodized run of parts, they weren’t exactly stoked to go through with it, but the result is well worth it!

Once all the parts were back from the anodizer, it was quickly made apparent that they didn’t match.  Then they built up the various components – each piece from a brake lever or Klamper get anodized separately and then they all get assembled –  and it looked so unique that they turned their frown upside down. With the SimWorks logo being a heart with an arrow through it, it really did look like a box of chocolates!

These parts are available at Sim Works only!

Technical Information:

• Material: American 6061 Aluminum, Heat Treated 12L14 Steel, Stainless Steel, and 7075 Aluminum

• Surface Finish: Anodized Brown (we also made them some Black/Red and Black/Green parts)

• Made in Chico, California by a bunch of machinist bike nerds.

• Available at SimWorks Now!