Outlier: Watch Caps


Outlier: Watch Caps


Weeks back, I jokingly said to Outlier on Twitter “you should make a beanie!”, only partially joking. Now, they’ve just announced their Watch Caps. 100% merino wool awesomeness:

“We have always loved traditional watch caps, but we thought they’d be even better knitted up with a 3-ply Italian merino yarn for softness and warmth. The Short Watch Cap has a drop stitch fold and fits snugly over the top of the ears for that classic military look. For those wanting more coverage, there is the Long Watch Cap with 12 inches to play with; roll it up or keep it flat. Made in Montreal. The Short Watch Cap is available now on the Outlier Webshop in Orange and Black for $65 and the Long Watch Cap in Charcoal for $75.”