Outlier: Fall & Winter 2010 Preview


Outlier: Fall & Winter 2010 Preview


Today I swung by the Outlier @OutlierTailored offices to see what the guys had up their merino sleeves for Fall & Winter 2010. Along with the refined classics were some new gems, many of which haven’t seen the likes of the internet yet. With the brand’s growth, new opportunities for details arise, like these Italian-crafted rivets.

Check out more photos below.


I can’t get over the fit of jeans. Levis 501’s are some of my favorites. The fit of a classic denim was the inspiration for the new Keirin-cut pants.


5-pockets and riveted construction. Perfect for winter layering and durable enough to take daily commuting. The material is the same doubleweave canvas as the Workwears. Perfect fit if you ask me.


Pack the new cycling jackets into just about anything. Know what this container is?


Or just throw a carabiner on it and snap it onto your pants.


Handmade in NYC and super light weight. This isn’t your typical packable jacket.


New for Summer 2010 is the Outlier dashiki. Ok, ok. Just kidding. This was just hanging in the office looking colorful.


All those colors are the perfect segue into the new 4Season fabric pants. This fabric is found in the OGs, Climbers and Women‘s pants.


Another splash of color is the long-sleeve merino tee. I happened to catch the last two before they left the shelves.


More colors are on the way, including this white version. Note the special gusset on the shoulder for riding. This gives it a great freedom of motion in riding positions.


The waxed cotton caps are still in stock.


As is the merino hoodie with a few tweaks. The main changes are a new, ribbed cuff and leather cinches, but mainly they didn’t want to mess with a good thing.


And of course for the 9-5rs, the pivot-sleeve dress shirt.

Many thanks to the Outlier crew for holding it down! If you wanna see more of their forthcoming collection, swing by their showroom this Saturday evening for a little party. Also, they’ve got new showroom hours:

Outlier Showroom
364 Leonard St in Brooklyn
Friday 2-7p, Saturday 1-7p, Sunday 1-6p.

NYC Shop Visit: Outlier’s Brooklyn Showroom