Otso Cycles Rises from Wolf Tooth Components


Otso Cycles Rises from Wolf Tooth Components

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If there is one company that has made our lives easier in terms of gearing options, it’s Wolf Tooth Components. Everything they’ve introduced to the market has been smart, innovative and has opened the door to new, affordable drivetrain systems. It should come as no surprise that the guys behind Wolf Tooth have a few opinions as to how bicycles should be designed, which was the motivation for launching Otso Cycles.

Their introductory framesets are the Voytek, a carbon hardtail and the Warakin, a stainless steel all-road. See more details below and be sure to check out Otso Cycles!


Voytek is a carbon fiber hardtail mountain bike designed around the exclusive Otso Plus-Fat™ concept. It is a 27.5+ or 29+ trail bike that can also accommodate up to 26×4.6” tires. Using the 83mm bottom bracket standard we were be able to create the narrowest Q-factor of any production fat-capable bike by a large margin!


Also, we engineered our own patent pending adjustable drop out system called the Tuning Chip™. In short, it feels like a mountain bike, not a fat tire specific bike and opens up a whole new dimension in summer or winter riding.


Warakin is a beautiful and durable stainless steel frame combined with our Tuning Chip™ system makes for the ultimate any surface drop bar bike. Legendary stainless steel ride quality with modern features like carbon fiber fork, disc brakes, 700x45mm tire clearance, fender mounts, rack mounts, and through axles combine for the perfect ride an adventure on any surface.


Voytek frame geometry

Voytek Details and Geometry

Warakin frame geometry

Warakin Geometry