One Spot with AJ Austin


One Spot with AJ Austin



One of the things I’ve always tried to show through my photos are the little things that make riding so much fun. AJ’s just about the only guy I ride with here in Austin and we have a very specific approach to fixed freestyle. While many of our clips and photos aren’t bangers by any means, we have a ton of fun filming and photographing them. Yesterday we went to a familiar wall ride spot and I took the time to soak in the afternoon light as AJ set up the spot to ride.

Check out a few more below!






He must have tried the up-nose manny a dozen or so times before finally getting it. As you can see, there’s a bit of a kick to the bank and it bucked him over quite a bit. We shot video, which I’ll include in his edit for Milwaukee and Burro. Until then, enjoy these photos. I’d say they live up to the Ride / Relax mentality.