One Day In The Bay With Rivendell on Black and White 35mm

Disclaimer: This happened before the Covid-19 outbreak

I am a team manager/photographer for Deluxe, a skateboard company out of SF. It’s always a trip to say it out loud or write it down on paper but I have my dream job. The posters and stickers that adorned my childhood bedroom walls came from the very place that I commute to every morning.

I travel a good amount for work. About 10 days out of the month I’ll leave my home of San Francisco and venture out to a place I’ve (hopefully) never been before. The nature of these trips can vary, but they always have one thing in common; skateboarding in an urban area. That can entail a beautiful park in Barcelona, but it could also mean a grimy alleyway behind a Bakersfield 7/11. It runs the gamut.

After these trips, no matter how amazing they were, I always have the urge to get out there in the open. And the Bay Area is the best place to do so. A 40-minute bike ride will take you to the headlands, while a 45 min BART ride will drop one off in Walnut Creek, home of Shell Ridge and Mt Diablo.

After a 2 week trip to Mexico City, I decided to escape to the latter. My bike was getting a bar swap and a tune-up over at Rivendell. As I picked it up Will invited me to go on a little ride with them. They needed new banners for their website so it’d be a mellow one as Will would bring his medium format camera. Right before we left he handed his stylus Point and Shoot with a fresh roll and what you see here is one of the more fun impromptu days on the bike…