Oakley’s Greg Lemond Ride in SF!


Oakley’s Greg Lemond Ride in SF!


Last week in San Francisco, Oakley, Mash and Greg Lemond organized a group ride strictly via social media. We all posted about it, encouraging people from all cycling backgrounds to come along for a chill, no drop ride and crossed our fingers. Would 15 people show up? 20? No one was certain and all we knew was that we’d begin our little jaunt on Market Street at the Oakley store…


When I rolled up at the starting time, there were around 100 people crowding the sidewalks.


Chas from Mash and TCB Courier was the herder of cats that afternoon. He laid down the rules and explained where we’d be going…


Across the Golden Gate Bridge and up Hawk Hill before heading over to Bunker.


Once at the top, all “selfied” with Greg, hung out and descended back down to the coast.


This scene was something else.


That’s when the flats began…


… and didn’t end. Dylan rode all the way from this point back to the city on a flat front tire after giving away his only tube. We rode all the way back to the city together and then I had to bolt to make a photoshoot before the sun went down… What a day!