No, You Suck


No, You Suck


This is what happens when I vent, to clarify, Ray and I exchanged emails and we’ve talked about the shirt. I can see his point and he sees mine. For the record, I do like Mighty Healthy’s work, which is why this kinda annoyed me.

Karmaloop, the trendy streetwear online shop filled with tired-ass clothing has a shirt by trendy streetwear brand Mighty Healthy expressing how “over” a fad they never were a part of in the first place they are. Karmaloop has a history of wigger jocks venting about “fixies”.

What’s the matter dude, you fall off your bike trying to ride it? At the end of the day, you’re STILL selling a shirt with a track bike on it. Hypocrites. Maybe if you were really into something because you liked it and not because it was or is a trend, you’d understand. It’s like all the people who front off by saying “I was into it, before it was big”. GOOD. Move onto your next obsession. The bike looks like an Affinity frameset too… Really hitting close to home clowns.


Ohh and like this isn’t a rip off of the Brooklyn Chewing Gum cycling hats? You guys ARE aware that that’s a chewing gum?

Thanks Tracko