Nemesis Project: Plymouth Supermoly Trackfighter


Nemesis Project: Plymouth Supermoly Trackfighter

Brad at Nemesis Project just announced the completion of the first set of Plymouth Supermoly Trackfighter frames. As an introductory offer, each frame will retail at $500 USD. After this initial run, the retail will be set at $600.

Check out more details below.

Details from the Nemesis Project blog:

We are also offering our new Plymouth supermoly Trackfighter frames for $500 introductory offer, suggested retail will be $600.00. These are available in White, RAW and custom colors upon request. The Plymouth Trackfighter frame features USA made Plymouth supermoly main tubes, Integrated 45×45 headset, MID BB standard. Frame accepts 40c+ tires front and rear, minimal BB drop for easier spins and quicker acceleration for big street tricks and polo sprints.

$500 for a hand-made in the US frame ain’t bad. Thanks for the email Brad!