My Columbus MAX Love Runs Deep


My Columbus MAX Love Runs Deep

Cropped and ‘shopped image from this scan

I love Columbus MAX. Over the years, I’ve owned many steel frames. From Reynolds to True Temper and various Columbus tubesets. My Eddy Merckx Pista is SLX and my Eddy Merckx Road is MXL. The ride difference is very noticeable and as a bigger rider, the MXL (a later form of MAX), just fits my riding style. In fact, Ian at Icarus is working on a MAX track bike for me right now.

Chris Bishop is also a huge MAX freak. So much so that he manages to come across obscure ads from 1988 French cycling magazines. I don’t read French, but based on the little diagram in the bottom right, I’d imagine the translation notes the almost lack of bottom bracket sway when you stomp on the pedals due to the bi-oval downtube (see the original scan here).

Now my question for Chris is, what’ll we use for my road bike? In the meantime, check out the progress on Jo’s track frame (which I’m assuming is using MAX) here at the Bishop Flickr.