My Affinity 212 Loaded Down for the Philly Bike Expo


My Affinity 212 Loaded Down for the Philly Bike Expo


With all this talk about the Philly Bike Expo, a few of us decided to ride our bikes to Philly. Rather than taking the shitty highways and service roads, we’re going off the beaten trail a bit. Initially I was planning on riding my Merckx but the thought of locking it up and throwing it on the Chinatown bus for the ride home made me cringe. Since I just got the Affinity 212 dialed in, I thought it’d make for a good ride.

Check out some more photos below.


This bag made all the difference. I wanted to be able to access my DSLR while we were riding and Ortlieb makes a kick-ass handlebar bag, the Ultimate 5 Classic. One of the best purchases I’ve made in a while.


Can’t forget the Pentabike Muststash.


Since there aren’t rack mounts or fender mounts on the 212, I used a saddle bag support brace and (2) 12′ long tie-downs to roll up my REload Flight Pack. It’s actually pretty efficient and stays out of the way. Our route will be about 100 miles, so not a big deal. Hopefully all will go well on the trip and I’ll have a few killer photos to show.

See you guys in Philly!