My 10 Favorite Beautiful Bicycles of 2010


My 10 Favorite Beautiful Bicycles of 2010

Royal H. Cycles Custom Time Trial

As I mentioned in my previous entry, in 2010 I got to travel all over this year and while traveling, I always look for Beautiful Bicycles to photograph. Narrowing the field down to 10 was no easy task but I did my best. Beginning with this time-trial that embodies Bryan’s work at Royal H. Cycles in Sommerville.

Check out nine more below.

Penny and Nickel Quiros Cycles

Armando’s work has a mind of its own and this Penny and Nickel track bike is a perfect example of his artistic vision and execution.

Vigorelli-built Masi Road at Cicli Devotion

Matthew Devotion has quit the stable inside his bicycle consultancy, Cicli Devotion. This Vigorelli-era Masi is a beaut!

Mat’s Purple Serotta with Dura Ace 10-pitch

I have a soft spot for made in the US frames and I know Mat feels the same. When he picked up this Serotta track bike at a swap this year, dude had a shit-eating grin.

The Trimble-made Affinity Track Bike

Speaking of made in the US, the icon of carbon fiber returned to team up with my local shop in Brooklyn. Trimble and Affinity will be producing a small number of these frames and I got the exclusive look at them before Interbike.

Brad from Geekhouse’s Rockcity

Brad began working with Marty at Geekhouse a few months back and this was his first handmade bicycle. It’s filled with subtle detailing and I had a blast shooting photos of it.

Jim from Two-Wheeler Dealer’s McLean Road

This one’s a given! Even though I shot it this week, it’s still in my top 10 favorites of 2010. Many thanks to Jim from Two-Wheeler Dealer.

Seth Rosko 26″ DJ

I love Seth. Ever since doing the Atavistic Urge this year, my fondness for his bicycles has been off the charts. This 26″ DJ frame has been putting in work at Cunningham and on the streets.

Ian and Icarus Number One

This year at the Kissena opening weekend, I got to take a portrait of Ian and his original Icarus. He was a bit bitter because I beat up on him all weekend at the track but don’t let that sneer fool you, Ian’s got a heart of gold.

Independent Fabrication Titanium Factory Lightweight

I am by no means a weight weenie. I don’t think you can be 225 lbs and still care about how heavy, or light your bike is but when I saw this at IF during my shop visit, I almost passed out.

Well, that rounds up my 10 Favorite Beautiful Bicycles of 2010. I think I did a good job running through all my photos and these are by far my favorites!