Monster Track XI Schedule and Events


Monster Track XI Schedule and Events

This year’s Monster Track will be in the spirit of the earlier years. Competition, side events, fun, drinking and general NYC goodness.

Check out more events for the weekend below.


MTXI has a killer spoke card this year!

Here’s the break down for the weekend.

Friday March 5th: Events TBD
Saturday March 6th: Race, Party
Sunday March 7th: Side Events, Goldsprints, Party

Registration is at Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn. Once everyone registers, there will be a group ride to the start of the race. The start of the race will not be disclosed, so you have to go to Affinity to race!

Affinity Cycles
12pm to 4pm
616 Grand St (Between Leonard and Lorimer)
Brooklyn NY 11211


Then, on Sunday, Hugo of Snap! Delivery will be throwing the Trick Jam once again. Hugo used to be the trick / freestyle competition boss of NYC and this year, he’ll be returning to throw the events. He’s expecting all you trick kids to show up, so don’t let him down!


If you’re in town this weekend (unfortunately I am not) be sure to race. If you can’t race, attend the after party on Saturday and go to the side events on Sunday. Seriously, this weekend will be a blast.

More details as events warrant.

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