Monster Track X Recap


Monster Track X Recap

photo by Fritz

You’re looking at the winners of Monster Track X. Crihs and Heather. Both are well-seasoned riders and the grueling manifest brought out not only strategy, but endurance. The format this year was unprecedented.

Monster Track 10 from Michael Green on Vimeo.

The Manifest was about 10 checkpoints, taking you from one end of Manhattan to the other and all over in between. The top 20 back to the finish got a second manifest. The top 5 from that got the last assignment. Wilis and I rode the race together and I’m not sure how we placed. All things considered, we probably got in the 20’s or 30’s.

Top Racers:
1-Crihs NYC
2-Jumbo Copenhagen
3-Dan C NYC

pic by Michael Green

Tom and the Delco kids did Monstertrack on brakeless BMX bikes. Well, 4 checkpoints anyway!

I didn’t Google pedometer my route, partially because of Project White Rabbit. We’ve been talking about this for a year, taking off in the wrong direction and leading as many people as we could down the rabbit hole. We got about 20-30 people to follow us down a bottle-necked sidewalk off the FDR expressway and as we jumped the jersey barriers, we shouted PROJECT WHITE RABBIT.

Everyone was pissed!

I think Andrew Excess from Albany was video taping it, so hopefully he’ll post the video somewhere.


After the race, we all rode to Galapagos in Dumbo for the Goldsprints finals and awards ceremony.

pic by Ray Jones

Today was the MTX stunts and sprints under the BQE at the Peel Spot. A good crowd was there and it was a lot of fun. I think everyone was beaten up and sore from the previous day and the air was frigid and filled with snow ready to drop.

pic by Ray Jones

pic by Ray Jones

Chris Kim threw the event with a 2 minute freestyle; prizes for best overall style and gnarliest trick. Wonka took gnarliest trick and Tony took overall style. I completely woofed all my tricks and fell at least 3 times. Still, at the end of the day, we had a great time.

I’m sure Demoncats will be posting pics soon and videos will surface. I’ll continue to add to this post as photos and videos begin to surface.