Radar Roundup: Shimano GRX Limited Silver in Stock, Mission Workshop Slice Framebag, Adventure Cyclist Redesign, SimWorks Froggy Seatpost Refresh, Easton EC90 ALX, Ira Ryan Cycles, and One Thousand Hellos


Radar Roundup: Shimano GRX Limited Silver in Stock, Mission Workshop Slice Framebag, Adventure Cyclist Redesign, SimWorks Froggy Seatpost Refresh, Easton EC90 ALX, Ira Ryan Cycles, and One Thousand Hellos

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Shimano Limited Edition Silver GRX in Stock

Remember that batch of handmade bikes outfitted with silver Shimano GRX we featured a while back? Well, those silver components are available from Shimano direct for a limited time. Roll on over to Shimano to check out the current stock and availability.

Mission Workshop Slice Framebag $110

Mission Workshop has unveiled the new Slice frame bag that joins the Toro bar bag and saddle bag to complete the trio of on-bike storage solutions for riders of every discipline. Combine all three to turn any bike into a versatile hauler, or take your pick from the offerings to find the best combination for what you ride. The new Slice offers extra carrying capacity without getting in the way of the marginal aero gains, your navigation in the form of an out-front GPS unit, or lights that guide the way—designed to work with bottle cages, so you don’t need to sacrifice hydration for extra layers, tools, or snacks.

Adventure Cyclist Magazine 50th Volume Redesign

Adventure Cyclist, the magazine for members of the Adventure Cycling Association, is changing its production as part of its 50th volume, going strong as an independent print publication while its competitors face struggles with mergers and acquisitions. The newly designed magazine will come in 76-page issues, perfect-bound like a book, and will be delivered to members bi-monthly. The redesign is the first one done in-house, the first one in 10 years, and is tapping into a classic style of magazines that is visually creative and beautiful while still being text-rich with long-form storytelling and columns by people of varied race, nationality, gender identity, orientation, and abled body classification.

Sim Works Froggy Seatpost by Nitto Refresh $130

The SimWorks by Nitto seatpost was named “Froggy” because of its frog-like appearance when viewed from the side. It is a classic Nitto profile. Available now in Sim Works’ lustrous polished silver and black finishes. There are also now two saddle offsets and post lengths.

The Froggy seatpost utilizes a two-bolt clamping system, which has the same structure as the NJS standard product- which Nitto has designed for bicycle races going back decades. This clamping style can secure the saddle rails with that force distributed across a broader surface area than a single-bolt style clamp. This offers no saddle movement and stays in place on even the most intense rides. Additionally, minor adjustments to the saddle angle can be easily performed.


  • Color: Polished Silver / Black
  • Post length: 300mm & 350mm
  • Material: Forged aluminum alloy
  • Outer diameter: φ27.2mm
  • Offset: 0mm & 23mm
  • Weight: 300mm: 267g / 350mm

The Froggy is in stock for now at the Sim Works USA webshop.

Easton Cycling EC90 ALX All Road Handlebar $299.99

The EC90 ALX merges design from Easton’s EC90 AX and SLX designs with an ergonomic top section and size-specific shape to optimize strength, weight and ride feel. This tried and tested Maximum Contact Drop is back with a new happy medium flare of 10 degrees for versatility, comfort and safety when riding in packs. The size run improved as well and Easton now offers a 38cm width in addition to 40/42/44/46cm, all with ergonomic and size-specific top sections. These new EC90 ALX handlebars weigh just 205g in the 42cm width.

See more at Easton.

Announcing Ira Ryan Cycles

Since 2005 Ira Ryan has been building, riding, designing, and loving custom steel bikes from his shop in North Portland, OR., USA. Oozing with passion for classic bicycle design and 30 years of experience as a real-world mechanic, rider/racer, and all-round bike nerd, Ira Ryan blends beautiful lines with function and utility into each custom frame he builds. After a decade at the helm of Breadwinner Cycles, he is charting his own path again building lugged and fillet-brazed steel frames, forks, and complete bikes under the Ira Ryan Cycles banner. Check the iraryanbicycles.com site for more details and to get in touch.



A Thousand Hellos

While cycling from Amsterdam to Singapore Martijn Doolaard made many new friends. The amount of joy he was welcomed with travelling half of the world was a revelation to him. Watching the news makes a lot of people sometimes afraid to travel. But it’s merely friendly people we usually came across on the road when traveling, even more so in the areas most people would not recommend me to go. This video is about best memories from the road with people.


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A chromed-out BMX and Aphex Twin. Happy Monday.

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