MKE Prototypes are IN!


MKE Prototypes are IN!


The frames just got in!

To test out the ride, Drew built it up with MKE polo cranks, some mini bars, brakes [front and rear] and some saddle just for the pictures. That is raw steel, no paint, so expect some COLOR! Keep in mind this is not my build, it’s just to evaluate the bike’s geometry.

I’m putting Thomson bits, 2″ riders, SOMA Tabo, Sugino 75s and my Profile wheelset on mine. YES you can barspin with a front brake. YES there will be an option available without brake bosses and NO I do not know when they will be available for purchase.

Mine is going to paint tomorrow. Will post updates once it’s in my hands!


and Excess was kind enough to Photoshop out the brakes to give you a better idea…