Mission Workshop: Vandal Cargo Backpack


Mission Workshop: Vandal Cargo Backpack

bike on bike

Mission Workshop has a new model backpack called the Vandal. Its sole purpose in life is to tow big loads and still be comfortable enough to wear everyday.

clean lines

As you can see, it’s fairly minimal in design, fully waterproof and comes in four colors; green, black, silver and charcoal. When it’s not in use, it compresses to a manageable size.

after-work beverage

When it needs to, it can open up like a snake and devour anything. Like a pony keg?! Hell yeah!

Very nice. I’m a huge fan of backpacks and being handmade in the US is always a good thing. Lifetime warranty too. Sign me up!

Price: $225.

Thanks for the heads up Pedal Consumption.