Mishka Spetsnaz Mark II


Mishka Spetsnaz Mark II


NYC plays hosts to every weather condition imaginable! From blizzards, torrential downpours and heat waves, this variety of conditions creates a unique and challenging riding climate for cyclists.

Last Fall Mishka introduced the Spetsnaz Tech Jacket as an all-purpose, functional jacket against the elements. This Fall we went back to the drawing board to up the ante with the Spetsnaz Mark II, creating a better fit the jacket to the needs of NYC’s cycling community! In addition to the already taped seams, the jacket was made waterproof and coated to withstand a whopping 10,000mm of water pressure and treated to not only be wind-proof but also breathable by wicking away sweat your body heat creates. Coupled with undearm arm ventilation zippers, the jacket offers up the perfect comfort control for cyclists plowing through NYC streets. And for those messengering, the jacket features a generous 13″ x 10.5″ back pouch to safely store any and all important documents that need delivering, while keeping your hands and torso free of a cumbersome bag.

But don’t just take our word for it as we let these jackets get tested by some of NYC’s most dedicated riders.

“Riding in NYC is no joke. Especially this time of year, one day it’ll be sunny in the morning and cold and rainy come mid-day. When I ride to work, I want a jacket that keeps me warm and breathes well and this jacket does just that. It’s got enough pockets to hold what you need and keep those items protected from the elements. Things you want in a jacket.”

– John “Prolly” Watson
Trick Cyclist/Mishka DART Sponsored Rider/Web Celebrity

“I messenger in this thing all day in any weather. I have put in 12 hour days in the pouring rain and when everything else is soaked, my shirt is dry. All I need to stay warm is a base-layer and this jacket. No need for anything else. “

-Wilis Johnson
Messenger/Mishka DART Sponsored Rider

Unfortunately, taking all of these technical features and coupling them with very small production runs results in the unfortunate side-effect of a hefty retail-price. We at Mishka are not oblivious to the fact that this may very well boost the jacket to an unaffordable price for many people whose livelihoods are dependent on their bicycles.

We would like to offer a 35% savings on our Spetsnaz II to those out there who can not live without their bicycles and use them as their primary means of transportation.

Simply use discount code: GETPITTED for 35% off your purchase of a Spetsnaz Mark II

Mishka Spetsnaz Mark II


Always enjoy your ride!

photos by Luke Stiles