Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Orange One Road Build


Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Orange One Road Build


I get emails all the time from weary fixed gear kids who want to get into road riding but don’t wanna drop coin on a production aluminum or carbon bike. Here’s your answer: The Milwaukee Bicycle Co Orange One road bike. Duh. Made in the USA, classic geometry, fender and rack provisions, clearances for big or small tires (see what I did there?) and ride-ready! Throw a Shimano, Campy or SRAM group on it and it’s ready to roll.

It’s summer. Get on the road and get into some adventures. Pack a BB-Gun, fireworks and whiskey and have fun. I’m not really sure what sparked this post, maybe it’s how classy and sexy this build is, or maybe it’s because I’m still diggin’ mine? Who knows but the summers keep getting shorter…