Milltag: Pixies Jerseys


Milltag: Pixies Jerseys


Did you know the Pixies (yes the band) are huge cyclists? I didn’t and neither did the crew at Milltag. Check this out:

“Yes, that’s right The Pixies!

We were approached by the band to design and produce a jersey as they are big cycling fans (we didn’t know that either!) and this is the result. To say we are chuffed is something of an understatement I can tell you!

The jersey features the classic Pixies logo on the chest and rear pockets, a custom “flying P” pattern across the entire body section, a giant P on the back and subtle “lightning bolt Ps” on the sleeves.

We have secured a limited number of only 10 of the first run so get there quick if you want one in the Milltag packaging (tubed up with sticker and print*).

Designed by Milltag and The Pixies.”

Awesome! Grab one here and don’t forget about the Prolly is not Probably jerseys! Check out a photo of that below!


I can’t wait to get mine. You can still grab one right here.