Michael Smith is Still ESPN’s Resident Douchebag


Michael Smith is Still ESPN’s Resident Douchebag


Not all of us politely addressed the jackassery that went down on Michael Smith‘s behalf. A recent Tweet of his seems to imply that he got a spanking from ESPN and was forced to apologize to the Twitterverse. Here’s a thought, how about you man up and apologize on national television? During all of this, I found it funny to receive a few Tweets from middleschool teachers in Gridley, California defending him and shaming me for calling him out. I’m sure that dude’s school wouldn’t be too stoked on him using harsh language like that.

Back to the issue here. It’s wrong, on every level for a major organization like ESPN to harbor such ignorance. Firing off commentary like that and then copy and pasting a politically-correct apology doesn’t hide the fact that you belong on public radio, not national television. Michael Smith is still a prick.