Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


I think it’s freaking amazing that when I roll into town, the Merckx bikes come around. Last week while I was in Boston, I swung through the Arc En Ciel studio in Somerville. When I walked up to say hi to Josh, I looked and damn, there was a tree full of Eddy Merckx bicycles ranging from a steel pista, two road bikes and an aluminum pista.

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In Sommerville, the trees sprout workbikes! But before we dive into that too much, let’s look at some photos that Tracko took at MOCA during the Art In The Streets exhibition.

Photo by Kyle Kelley

Now, I’m not the kinda person that gets amped on “street art” being anywhere but in the street but the Landlords set up a legit installation at this exhibit. It’s like Kyle was taking these for me. Thanks buddy!

Photo by Kyle Kelley

Check out the rest here at Kyle’s Flickr!


A reader forwarded this clip to me without a source. Anyone got a source?!

Photo by Angelo Calilap

Cycleangelo continues his bike portraiture with Kyle from D’emploi and his Eddy Merckx Corsa. Sorry I never shot your bike Kyle! I’m sure Angelo will do a great job on it.


Ok, ok, back to the Merckx tree. All the locals brought out their steeds and it made for one sick photo shoot.


But you still don’t get to see this photo set yet! Check back for that later. Until then, head over to my Flickr for more from the Merckx Mondays in Sommerville photos!