Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


Sometimes when I’m on the road, I slack on my weekly posts. Merckx Mondays, Reader’s Rides and Tuesday Teardowns all suffer equally. Luckily, I’ve got readers who constantly send me their bikes and others who do recon work for me on the side. How else could Tracko afford to open a bike shop?

First up is Tracko’s photo of the Eddy Merckx plate that’s made its way into each of the Rapha Cycle Clubs. Tracko shot this in the SF shop, which has spectacular lighting compared to the NYC shop. Here’s a photo I took last year of the same plate.

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Over the years, there’s been an influx of Eddy Merckx bikes that have graced my inbox. This one’s from Lingga Glamrock from Surabaya, Indonesia.


He built it up with a nice collection of Campagnolo Pista parts.


And it came out baller as hell!


I wanna thank Glamrock for sending this in. If you’ve sent me photos of your Merckx, don’t fret, I’ll get around to posting it. I’ve been kinda slammed these past few weeks.