Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


I love it when Andy from Fyxomatosis decides to do a Merckx Mondays collaboration with me. Andy’s known for his great photos, which are superb but what I’m more impressed with is his ability to acquire such rare steeds. Case in point: Patrick Sercu’s MX-Leader clad in the colors of the Belgium flag.

Check out where Andy rode this bike below!


Damn. If you can’t tell, Andy’s been on vacation with the misses, traveling Europe. What a sick photo and an even sicker bike. I am drooling! Please tell me you’re keeping it!


Cycle Zine has a nice group of photos from their recent trip to Belgium, featuring a drillium Merckx road bike. Check the rest out here!


A Faema Merckx may be the most iconic paintjob to collectors, second to the Molteni and Steely Fan just picked one up. I didn’t even know Merckx made Faema track bikes?! Check the rest out here.


A reader sent in their Merckx singlespeed conversion. They got it powder coated in a light blue with lug masking. I can only imagine how it’s look with a road group on it. Speaking of road groups, my MX-Leader is almost done. I’ve got everything but the SRAM Red cranks on it. Maybe it’ll be ready next week!