Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


One of the down-sides of doing Merckx Mondays is having to wait a whole week to post up rad designs like the latest from Life Behind Bars. So good huh?

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Another gem that came through my inbox this week was Anthony’s new Motorola Merckx road bike:

“Hey John,

I’ve been working, restoring even, an ex-team Motorola build – formally Gordon Fraser’s 1994 Team bike. I got it frame, HS, seatpost, one Motorola wheels. Using 9 speed DA for it to translate in to ‘modern’ riding, to a degree. The rest OG DA.
Taking some 35mm images. Send you some more very soon.

Happy Holidays!”

Fraser during and after Motorola

I love the Motorola livery. It’s as iconic as 7-Eleven!


Next up is a dual plug for Hrrundel, the purveyor of fine track bikes in Boston. He’s recently launched a new site, categorizing his acquisitions and builds. Check out more here.

I had more content for today but I left it in Austin, next week!