Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

Photo by SashaE

I’ve been working on a post for a few weeks and was all ready to publish it when I realized the photos are all sitting on my flash drive back at the office. My backup plan was to have my new frame in a post, but FedEx screwed that up. Sigh. We’ll have to wait until next week for the MAX/MXL post. Until then, enjoy this Eddy Merckx Jersey that Sasha recently purchased.

Bud Light. Seriously? Amazing. Bud Light sponsored races back in the early 90’s and Eddy Merckx sponsored a team. What a find. Now if it were a Budweiser Eddy Merckx jersey, I’d have to “borrow” it from Sasha. Anyway, to satisfy the vintage Eddy Merckx cravings, there’s a Mavic-equipped Professional below.

Photo by DMCZone on Road Bike Reviews

This Professional was repainted by Colour Tech in the UK with decals from Cyclomondo on eBay.

That Mavic group is in great condition. Really dialed build.

Merckx Mondays