Mavic Introduces a Line of Helmets


Mavic Introduces a Line of Helmets


As I slowly break down the fortress of emails that have accumulated, some gems stick out from the rubble like the line of road helmets Mavic introduced at Eurobike this year:

The Plasma SLR (pictured), which has a carbon fibre skeleton and X-Static anti-microbial padding, will retail in the US from $225 and will be available in black or yellow/black.

The $180 Plasma looks almost identical to the SLR but is manufactured using an aluminium skeleton and, unlike the SLR, doesn’t come with a travel storage bag. It will come in black/silver, white/silver or white/black

Finally, the $125 ‘entry-level’ Synchro, which will be available in white/black, black/red or dark silver, comes without an internal skeleton, making for a bulkier helmet with less vents.

Check out more here!

These do look really, really nice.