Manual for Speed: Philly Part 01


Manual for Speed: Philly Part 01


“We’re gonna go race bikes for 120 miles and we’re gonna go up a wall and people are gonna yell. It’ll be good. There’s no point waxing poetics about it.”

Manual for Speed takes a look at Dan Chabanov’s first Philly Pro Race in a very informal piece, written by, you guessed it: Dan himself. I love MFS’ unique approach to cycling journalism, if for only pulling quotes like this:

“That’s kind of a stupidly large statement, but it’s true, and here I am. And I don’t care that it’s not the same promoter, and its a different Philly race and its a different course—that doesn’t fucking matter. It’s a pro bike race, it’s going up the Manayunk wall, it’s fucking Philly. For all intents and purposes, if it walks like Philly, if it smells like Philly, if it goes up the Wall, it’s Philly.”

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