Mac Spikes’ Chris Chance Replica Water Bottles


Mac Spikes’ Chris Chance Replica Water Bottles


With all the coverage I’ve been giving Mac Spikes’ Chris Chance bicycle collection here on the blog, he emailed me, requesting my address. Not knowing what to expect, I received a box the other day and to my amazement, I opened it to find two water bottles wrapped up with a note.

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Mac, in conjunction with Tacx Shiva, has made a modern, biodegradable Chris Chance water bottle replica. The details are spot-on, right down to the Made in Somerville sign. If you’d fancy a set of these, email Mac Spikes for the details. They’re €5 each but be warned, shipping to the states is €17.20. Maybe you’d wanna buy in bulk?

Thanks to Mac Spikes for surprising me with these!