LOOK’s Geo-Trekking Pedals Offer More Visibility While Riding at Night


LOOK’s Geo-Trekking Pedals Offer More Visibility While Riding at Night

Visibility is crucial when undertaking ultra-endurance racing, or just riding at night and commuting through urban environments. With winter on the way and shorter days to follow, many riders will be taking on their favorite routes under the veil of darkness. LOOK‘s new Geo-Trekking pedals look to make visible waves, providing unprecedented visibility with a revolutionary new lighting system.

The Geo-Trekking pedals use LED Vision lights, similar to pedals that use reflectors. These LEDs have 15 lumens each, making the rider visible at a distance of more than 400 meters as well as at a 180° angle, adding sidewards visibility at road junctions. If you run them in Flash Eco mode, the lights boast an operational run time of 30 hours, and feature an indicator light that warns when battery life falls to critical levels. They are USB-rechargeable via a supplied micro-USB cable, with a fast 50-minute recharge time.

Could these pedals make vehicular incidents less frequent? Who knows, but every little bit helps. Check out more information below.

On the flat side, LOOK has created three separate designs to meet the specific needs of the rider. The Geo-Trekking model features an 84mm-wide composite body with lightweight, molded spikes to offer versatile performance and grip in varying conditions, while Geo-Trekking Grip has a completely filled flat side with a soft elastomer material to increase traction without damaging the soles of the rider’s everyday shoes.

The Geo-Trekking ROC version features an 83mm-wide aluminum body to withstand impacts and scratches, intended primarily for off-road use, offering maximum adhesion to the flat side thanks to its wider body and eight alloy traction pins situated around the edge of the pedal.

These will be in stores Mid October

Geo-Trekking prices and weights
Geo-Trekking: €59.90, $80, 203g per pedal
Geo-Trekking Vision: €99.90, $120, 217g per pedal
Geo-Trekking Grip: €69.90, $80, 228g per pedal
Geo-Trekking ROC: €99.90, $120, 233g per pedal
Geo-Trekking ROC Vision: €139.90, $160, 247g per pedal
Vision lights [pack of two]: €59.90, $40, 14g per unit

Expect more details and availability updates as events warrant.