Logan Needs a Pooch Pouch


Logan Needs a Pooch Pouch


Yesterday, Logan from Sunday! said to me “here, put your internetting to good use” as he prompted me to take some quick pictures of him loading his dog into his worn and well-used messenger bag. I used to take my old pooch around with me on my bike in a messenger bag all the time and she loved it. I found that backpacks were too deep for the dogs and the sling-fit of a messenger bag allows the dog to remain upright while laying down.

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He wants it to be a bit deeper so he can put other stuff in the bag and still let the dog sit comfortably. But maybe that means two pockets? Does that make sense? He then asked me for some companies that make nice custom, hand-made in the USA messenger bags. I told him to check out REload and Burro. Maybe other companies have had similar requests for a dog-porter messenger bag?


Hit him up here in the comments if you think you’ve got what it takes and I’ll forward your contact to him. I’m sure he’d prefer made in the US products so let’s see what you’ve got!