Locked Up: Columbine Pista


Locked Up: Columbine Pista


Ok so I’m deviating from the rules of Locked Up a bit here but I’ve seen this bike well, locked up before but didn’t have my camera on me. When cycling junkies hear the name Columbine they usually associate moons, stars and lots of heavily-ornamented chromed lugwork. Known for this, I usually chuckle at their bikes associating them with wizards, warlocks and other fantasy creatures. But every once and a while you come across a very minimally-designed Columbine that allows you to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into their frame building. This 650c track bike is one of those bikes.

Check out a few more photos below!


Even with the minimal surface rust and paint chips, there’s a ton of man hours put into thinning each of these lugs.


They just had to sneak in a flower didn’t they?


Fastback seatstays with one incredibly-thin cluster lug.




Again, look at how thin that lug is! No wonder it’s got surface rust. If they used thicker paint, they’d disappear!


Hand-painted headtube badge too. Drooooooool.


Here’s the bike, awaiting a flat fix. Yeah, there are a few things I’d change. Dura Ace cranks, Unicanitor saddle, a Cinelli cockpit and cloth bar tape but still, sometimes you have to focus on the leaves, not the tree. Beautiful!

Check out a few more photos on my Flickr.